Details on McAfee Coupons

As we know that personal computers and laptops are very expensive thing that could not be replaced as well as it contains most of our important documents and files. Also about 70 percent of our work is dependent upon computer so it has become an important part of our daily life. The major threat to our laptops and PC’s are the increasing number of viruses and worms that may destroy your files and documents on our computer if they come in contact with them. These viruses are capable of altering the system setting as well as disturbing the normal functioning of the operating system installed on your computer.

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To deal with these types of viruses we need a strong Antivirus program installed on your computer. MacAfee is one of the most efficient and most reliable antivirus program that takes full care of these kinds of viruses and keeps your laptops and PC’s free from them. The program is capable of dealing with almost every kind of virus that may act as a threat to your files and documents. Along with that the program keeps on updating itself at regular time intervals and adds up virus information to its database so that it can identify new viruses.

Looking at the present status of the economy many people try to save maximum they can.  Therefore they have been using different types of coupons to save their money spent on these antivirus softwares. There are many MacAfee coupons available in the market using which you can get sufficient discount on purchase of new and genuine “MacAfee total protection” antivirus for your computer. It is the most effective way of reducing the cost of this antivirus program. You can find such coupons available on many online coupon websites. The discount offered by the coupons may vary from 10 percent 90 percent. It is obvious that the cost of different discount coupon varies based upon the percentage of discount it offers. So you must have a look at the MacAfee coupons online before purchasing new MacAfee antivirus as they may help you in saving a considerable amount of money.

McAfee Anti Virus features

McAfee is one of the most reliable antivirus solution providers that include wide range of security products such as firewalls, antivirus, and anti-spyware programs. Now days, installing an antivirus program in your computer have become very essential due to increasing number of threats and viruses. As we all want to enjoy surfing the internet, online shopping, chats, sharing pictures, and more without worrying about the risks, it is very important that you install a antivirus program to protect your computer from intruders and secure it completely.

McAfee is a dedicated company that develops various programs to fight again the threats, Trojans, and viruses. It offers market-driven solution for personal computers.

Here are some of the features offered by McAfee


  • Capable of quickly detecting virus, threats, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, and more
  • Does not affect the speed of operation of your computer nor it consumes more battery life in case of laptops
  • Provides complete protection against malicious ads and popups
  • Enables you to block spam and dangerous emails that may affect your PC
  • Detects unpatched programs
  • Enables you to conduct internet search and lets you securely shop online with icons identifying websites that are safe and reliable
  • Parental Control feature allows you to block inappropriate websites with aged-based rules and unreliable contents for children
  • Easily identifies protection, encrypting files and folders
  • Protects your social network account and enables you to share pictures and files without any harm
  • Wireless network protection for securing passwords and personal files when connected to a wireless network
  • Two-way firewall protection
  • Prevents harmful ads and links from downloading on your computer without your permission
  • Removes unused applications and deletes files stored in cache memory to boost the performance of your computer

So install the McAfee antivirus software on your computer right away and be prepared to fight against all modern viruses and threats.  

McAfee Internet Security 2014 promo code and review

With its antivirus application powered by the Clean Boot system out, McAfee Internet Security 2014, an addition to the entry level antivirus, also makes its way to the market. This is a proof that McAfee is loyal to their promise of excellent service with malware removal and protection.

Get 50% off on McAfee

Buy now and save 50% on all McAfee Products including McAfee All Access, Total Protection, Internet Security, Anti Virus
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expires 28/11/2015

Out in the market approximately for $80 but using our McAfee Promo Code you can get it for around $40, the McAfee Internet Security 2014 boasts its excellent prowess to take care of your computer the way you want it. This means that apart from the regular antivirus that would protect your computer from viruses and malwares coming from files of corrupted sources, an Internet protection is provided. With its good reviews of being able to accurately filter and clean malwares, it is even boosted with its webmail spam filter.



The McAfee Internet Security 2014 has almost the same features as that of the entry level antivirus, with just the addition of a suite dedicated to the parental control systems. As with the entry level version, this version of anti-malware has navigation bars set for you for technical support and assistance.

Malware Protection

Although it is rather advisable to install or buy your antivirus and equip your computer with it, the protection McAfee gives even to the infected computers is quite decent. As explained in the review (please give a link of the review on McAfee Antivirus 2014), installation problems met with other antivirus has been worked on by McAfee.

A plus for the McAfee Internet Security 2014 is its ability, like many others, to screen out contents of the different websites we visit. Also noteworthy is its improved ability to scan malwares, compared to that of the entry level antivirus alone.

This or That?

In contrast, the McAfee Internet Security 2014 is better than the entry level McAfee Antivirus 2014 as it is equipped with anti-spamware for unhealthy contents from internets sites, virus-loaded web mails and even an improved firewall protection that would not bother you often. If quality would be the issue, I suggest that you go for the internet security version.

On the contrary, the McAfee Internet Security is more expensive than the entry level one, but if you have just a few more dollars to spend, I am positive that you additional 20-30 dollars is not put to waste with this product.

In the advent of business competitions, quite a number of antivirus has been made available. McAfee seems to be at the upper 50% when it comes to the quality and the service that it provides in terms of malware protection, but it’s affordable prices make it a noteworthy product.

We must be careful though, trying to get these products online for free. While some of the available free products are promising – giving us all the unlock keys and registration number – most of them do end up expiring really early. What’s worst it that, some detrimental effects such as malfunction of other programs on your computer are encountered. It is always ideal to buy the original; anyway, you’re the one who would benefit from it the most, not anybody else also you can use the McAfee Promo code which we have mentioned on this site and save 50% on it.

McAfee Antivirus 2014 promo code and review

Ever wondered why your high-speed, high-powered computer would suddenly degenerate, slow down or even shut down by itself? It is such a pain right? These are viruses, malwares or spywares that do nothing but bug your software’s and hardware’s and cause them to lose the performance they once had. More often than not, these viruses would come from the internet or through other portable devices that you use to transfer files from one computer to another.

Not to worry! In the light of advanced internet breakthroughs, antivirus programs have been readily available to protect you from these bugs. They’re cheap, they’re effective and they help you combat bugs that might harm your system.

The Best Out There

It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s as effective as ever and is definitely affordable! The McAfee Antivirus Plus 2014 is officially out in the market and you can get 50% off using McAfee promo code mentioned above. Costing you for about $40.00 the least if you purchase directly from website or around 24$ when purchasing using the McAfee Anti virus promo code mentioned in this post, having this in your computer will guard you with most – if not all – viruses and malwares known. Powered with superior anti-virus scanning, it comes with powerful firewall and a number of useful security tools.

It is featured with large main windows which show panels of four important functional areas namely

1. Virus and Spyware protection

2. Web and Email Protection

3. Subscriptions and

4. McAfee Updates.

The display of the application is extremely user-friendly, coming with a help section it gives its users assistance on the go.

McAfee, alongside several other antivirus products, also have its great protection against internet hackers.

McAfee Anti Virus Promo

Clean Boot Feature

Installing antivirus on infected computers is quite nasty – as sometimes they cannot be installed due to the extreme infestation. You’ll probably get a notice that your installation has not been completed, and you will get quite disappointed to know that your antivirus has not done their job.

This is not the case for the McAfee Antivirus 2014, which is now equipped with the Clean Boot system, ensuring that you can install your antivirus still if such problem comes up. When prompted that your antivirus has not been fully set up, just run the Clean Boot system and it will do its job of removing the virus that may be on the way of having your McAfee installed. Just click it and a standard booting will run, removing potential and existing malwares and viruses.

Not surprisingly, you will be able to install your McAfee afterwards. What’s more is that, when you run your regular virus scan, it will tell you that everything is clean – only meaning that Clean Boot has already done the job. Now all you have to worry about (actually not that much) is the protection of your computer from viruses, which McAfee does brilliantly.

Malware Removal

On an average survey, the malware removal scored 80% for users who made review over the internet. Most often than not, McAfee would detect most of the malwares and viruses existing, but a few might slip past its protection. Unfortunately, these viruses that slip past the protection continue to run and might still potentially infest other programs. Overall, the Malware removal of this new antivirus program is decent enough (4/5 stars).