McAfee Internet Security 2014 promo code and review

With its antivirus application powered by the Clean Boot system out, McAfee Internet Security 2014, an addition to the entry level antivirus, also makes its way to the market. This is a proof that McAfee is loyal to their promise of excellent service with malware removal and protection.

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Out in the market approximately for $80 but using our McAfee Promo Code you can get it for around $40, the McAfee Internet Security 2014 boasts its excellent prowess to take care of your computer the way you want it. This means that apart from the regular antivirus that would protect your computer from viruses and malwares coming from files of corrupted sources, an Internet protection is provided. With its good reviews of being able to accurately filter and clean malwares, it is even boosted with its webmail spam filter.



The McAfee Internet Security 2014 has almost the same features as that of the entry level antivirus, with just the addition of a suite dedicated to the parental control systems. As with the entry level version, this version of anti-malware has navigation bars set for you for technical support and assistance.

Malware Protection

Although it is rather advisable to install or buy your antivirus and equip your computer with it, the protection McAfee gives even to the infected computers is quite decent. As explained in the review (please give a link of the review on McAfee Antivirus 2014), installation problems met with other antivirus has been worked on by McAfee.

A plus for the McAfee Internet Security 2014 is its ability, like many others, to screen out contents of the different websites we visit. Also noteworthy is its improved ability to scan malwares, compared to that of the entry level antivirus alone.

This or That?

In contrast, the McAfee Internet Security 2014 is better than the entry level McAfee Antivirus 2014 as it is equipped with anti-spamware for unhealthy contents from internets sites, virus-loaded web mails and even an improved firewall protection that would not bother you often. If quality would be the issue, I suggest that you go for the internet security version.

On the contrary, the McAfee Internet Security is more expensive than the entry level one, but if you have just a few more dollars to spend, I am positive that you additional 20-30 dollars is not put to waste with this product.

In the advent of business competitions, quite a number of antivirus has been made available. McAfee seems to be at the upper 50% when it comes to the quality and the service that it provides in terms of malware protection, but it’s affordable prices make it a noteworthy product.

We must be careful though, trying to get these products online for free. While some of the available free products are promising – giving us all the unlock keys and registration number – most of them do end up expiring really early. What’s worst it that, some detrimental effects such as malfunction of other programs on your computer are encountered. It is always ideal to buy the original; anyway, you’re the one who would benefit from it the most, not anybody else also you can use the McAfee Promo code which we have mentioned on this site and save 50% on it.

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